What CALS Is

C A L S or Composite and Lightweight Structures, LLC will conduct the commercial work for the composite markets.  C A L S Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of buyCASTINGS.com, Inc. (www.buycastings.com), conducting business since 1995 and has worked on multiple projects dealing with prototypes and composite materials for various markets.  The unique aspect that C A L S can bring is the production of cost effective cores with controlled properties that can be readily customized for military applications and commercial markets.

Over the years, we have seen more customer requests for foam composites for various markets. C A L S believes there is a strong pull from markets ranging from defense to various commercial industries with the need of lightweight sandwich materials.  Our Research and Development team recognizes these opportunities and are focusing to invest for future job creations as well as for the best return on investment.

C A L S foam cores have various characteristics that make it unique.  The foam can be bonded to a wide range of materials during or after the molding process; stiffeners can be encapsulated such as Nomex®, Kelvar® etc.; cores stand up to temperature extremes and exposure to water, ultraviolet (UV) rays, oxygen, oil, grease, and other chemicals and can provide electrical conductivity control; C A L S foam cores are precision molded to custom controlled skin, surface finish, and texture.  The core properties can be tailored to provide conductivity or insulation or other properties as required by use of fillers, additives, conductive or insulating materials added during the molding process.