C A L S unique innovative feature will deliver composite parts that are easily coated to produce optimum properties.  Its parts performance can be customized with additives such as fibers, fabrics, and other reinforcements. The material and process attributes are a welcoming factor to lower your cost.

  • Nearly 0% shrinkage during molding produces stable part dimensions
  • Stable part dimensions minimize defects or scrap rate
  • Complex shapes are achieved with uniform properties
  • Formation of surface skin provides stiffer foam cores
  • Cores can be shipped & stored without damage or distortion
  • Cost reduction – potentially 30% cheaper for a given core
  • Minimal external heating required, exothermic process
  • Reduced cost of injection machine with fewer number of variables to control
  • Potentially 50% lower tooling costs compared to traditional aluminum tooling
  • Conductivity control in C A L S results in excellent electrical and thermal properties
  • C A L S process involves no hand-layups
  • C A L S process can be scaled up to mass production
  • C A L S molding process lowers cost to produce complex shapes
  • C A L S composite parts are easily coated to produce optimum properties