Low Cost Tooling

C A L S patterns are typically produced using traditional aluminum tooling, however the  Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) does not require high cost steel and/or high strength aluminum tooling.  The        C A L S  material is injected at a very low pressure (less than 8 psi), thus allowing the use of lower cost, less rigid mold materials such as Silicone and Epoxy.  Using this less expensive tooling media to create foam patterns also allows for quicker tool and pattern lead times.  Tool lead times will vary due to part complexity and size, but a medium size tool can be built in 3-5 days with patterns following 1-2 days later.

Another advantage of the foam process is the superior bond created when foam patterns are glued together post-mold process.  This allows larger, more complex pattern assemblies to be created in sections, in an effort to simplify the tooling to allow for lower cost and quicker lead times.

Low cost and quick lead time tooling using silicone and epoxy still possess key characteristics such as heat transfer and minimal tool wear in order to create a functional foam product with a superior surface finish.